• Reversible jaw adaptor for multi-valve engines.
  • Capacity 45-145mm, throated clearance 250mm big window jaw adaptor for easy replacement of valve Collects.
  • Dual size in 25 mm and 30 mm Diameter


• Suitable for use on multi valve petrol and diesel engines with deep-seated valves.

• Suitable also for general use on OHC, OHV and CVH engines.

• Universal jaw with 35-142mm capacity and 165mm throat depth.

• Reversible jaw and adaptor.

• Twin cam action permits use from above or below valve.


• Made of steel for heavy duty operation.

• Changeable jaws (straight, and bend) to be fixed on the track for stronger.

• Applicable: 12v engine, Diesel engine, And outstanding spring type engine.

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Lota C-Type Valve Lifter

  • Brand: Löta
  • Product Code: 058-6235 / 058-6231 / 058-6284
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