About Us

Our Background

Established in 1975, Panda Construction Supply, Inc. started out as a small family business headed by Mr. Sy Yu Ho, and was originally located at 1189 FM Guerrero Street in downtown Manila, hiring only a few members of staff. After 4 decades of work and experience in the local tool industry, the company has drastically expanded to offer its services to people all throughout the Philippines. The company is now headquartered at 405 E.T. Yuchangco St., Binondo, Manila, with over 50 members of staff serving for our many clients.
Our Main Line of Business
For our 4 decades in the industry, we have focused on the importation and retail of various quality tools and equipment, distributing various brands and products which are sourced from countries all around the world.
Management Composition
Today, Panda Construction Supply, Inc. is being managed by Mr. Romeo Sy, the eldest son of Mr. Sy Yu Ho. His organization also includes key people handling sales, marketing, warehousing and finance functional areas.