089 – 65127

  • Just switch on and insert probe for immediate result.
  • Red LED warns when battery is low and needs Replacing.
  • Electrolytic tester.
  • Integrated circuitry checks moisture content of fluid by measuring the electrical resistance and comparing it with acceptable limits.
  • Easy calibration checks using water.

089 – 6512A

  • Press power button on top of tester. Green LED lights up.
  • Dip entire length of metal probes into brake fluid.
  • After one second, match color of LEDs with color chart to determine brake fluid quality.
  • Tester automatically powers off after twelve seconds of inactivity.

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Lota Brake Fluid Tester

  • Brand: Löta
  • Product Code: 089-6512A / 089-65127
  • Availability: 1

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