Kreg®  90° Corner Clamp

Kreg® 90° Corner Clamp

90° Corner ClampThe easy way to hold 90° corner joints and “T” joints in boxes, cabinets, and casesW..

Kreg®  Accu-Cut

Kreg® Accu-Cut

Accu-Cut™Straight, accurate, splinter-free cuts made easyRip, cross cut, and make angled cuts up to ..

Kreg®  Accu-Cut Expansion Pack

Kreg® Accu-Cut Expansion Pack

Accu-Cut™ Expansion PackGet more from your Accu-Cut™ with an Accu-Cut™ Expansion PackDouble the cutt..

Kreg®  Accu-Cut XL

Kreg® Accu-Cut XL

Accu-Cut™ XLStraight, accurate, splinter-free cuts made easyGet perfectly straight, accurate cuts ev..

Kreg®  Bench Clamp

Kreg® Bench Clamp

Bench Clamp SystemCreate a versatile 360° benchtop clamping station. Includes 3" (76mm) Bench C..

Kreg®  Bench Clamp Base

Kreg® Bench Clamp Base

Bench Clamp Base     Easy To Use: Tool-free installation makes it easy to install, re..

Kreg®  Bench Clamp w/Base

Kreg® Bench Clamp w/Base

Bench Clamp with Bench Clamp BaseCreate a versatile, movable benchtop clamping stationIncludes 3" (7..

Kreg®  Bench Dogs

Kreg® Bench Dogs

Bench DogsSquared clamping pad for secure holdGreat for routing, cutting, and sandingPlace in Bench ..

Kreg®  Cabinet Hardware Jig

Kreg® Cabinet Hardware Jig

Cabinet Hardware JigInstall Knobs and Pulls with Easy, Repeatable AccuracyAdjustable guides for accu..

Kreg®  Clamp Block Set

Kreg® Clamp Block Set

Clamp Block SetQuickly, accurately register workpiecesAlign projects for quick, easy squaringGreat f..

Kreg®  Clamp Table + Steel Stand Combo

Kreg® Clamp Table + Steel Stand Combo

Clamp Table and Steel Stand ComboClamp System Components combined into one amazing clamping stationI..

Kreg®  Clamp Vise

Kreg® Clamp Vise

Clamp ViseMultipurpose Vise System for Wood ProjectsIncludes 3" (76mm) Bench Clamp, Clamp Vise Plate..

Kreg®  Classic 3" Face Clamp

Kreg® Classic 3" Face Clamp

Classic 3" Face ClampA Great Clamp for Kreg Joinery and More3" reach (76mm); clamps materials up to ..

Kreg®  Combo Trak 48"

Kreg® Combo Trak 48"

Combo-Trak - 48" (Miter/Mini Trak Combination)Great for creating a custom router tableCombination Mi..

Kreg®  Concealed Hinge Bit

Kreg® Concealed Hinge Bit

35mm Concealed Hinge Jig BitBore Clean, Perfect Holes for Concealed Door HingesWorks with all 35mm c..

Kreg®  Concealed Hinge Jig

Kreg® Concealed Hinge Jig

Concealed Hinge JigMake cabinet door installation easy! Get drill press accuracy with any hand drill..

Kreg®  Crown-Pro

Kreg® Crown-Pro

Crown-Pro™     Take the Guesswork Out of Cutting Crown MoldingEasy-to-use for inside ..

Kreg®  Drawer Slide Jig

Kreg® Drawer Slide Jig

Drawer Slide JigInstall Drawer Slides the Fast, Easy Way for Drawers That Fit Perfectly Every Time a..

Kreg®  Easy-Set Pocket-Hole Drill Bit

Kreg® Easy-Set Pocket-Hole Drill Bit

DescriptionThe Easy-Set Pocket-Hole Drill Bit is the same 3/8"-diameter stepped bit that comes with ..

Kreg®  Foreman Pocket Hole Machine

Kreg® Foreman Pocket Hole Machine

Foreman Pocket-Hole Machine  Professional-Grade Pocket-Hole Machine at a Consumer-Friendly..

Kreg®  Hardware Jig Installation Kit

Kreg® Hardware Jig Installation Kit

DescriptionCABINET HARDWARE JIGInstall Knobs and Pulls with Easy, Repeatable AccuracyAdjustable guid..

Kreg®  Heavy Duty Bench Clamp System

Kreg® Heavy Duty Bench Clamp System

Heavy-Duty Bench Clamp SystemPortable 360° Clamping Station for Wood ProjectsIncludes a 3" (76mm) Be..

Kreg®  Heavy Duty Trak 48"

Kreg® Heavy Duty Trak 48"

Heavy-Duty Trak - 48""L"-shaped, anodized-aluminum extrusionGreat for heavy-use commercial applicati..

Kreg®  In-Line Clamp

Kreg® In-Line Clamp

In-Line ClampEasy-to-use contoured dial adjusts easilyDurable and lightweight constructionVersatile ..

Kreg®  Jig K5

Kreg® Jig K5

Kerg Jig K5Advanced Features for Building with WoodFront-mounted handle makes clamping easyRatchetin..

Kreg®  Jig Mini Kit

Kreg® Jig Mini Kit

Kreg Jig® MiniSimple.Simplistic, compact designUnlimited material thickness and width positioningHar..

Kreg®  Jig Pocket Hole System R3

Kreg® Jig Pocket Hole System R3

Kreg Jig R3The Home Improver’s Solution for Building with WoodEasily join materials from 1/2” &..

Kreg®  Mini Trak 48"

Kreg® Mini Trak 48"

The Mini Trak can be used to produce countless types of woodshop jigs and fixtures, such as taper ji..

Kreg®  Mobile Project Center

Kreg® Mobile Project Center

Mobile Project CenterMake any place your workspace. Work on projects wherever, whenever, and however..

Kreg®  Multi Mark

Kreg® Multi Mark

Multi-Mark™Simplify Measuring and Lay Out TasksThree (3) scale configurationsImperial and metric sca..

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