• Bridge City Kerfmaker

The KM-1 KerfMaker is an ingenious little tool that makes sizing grooves and dado cuts painlessly easy. It is unbelievably fast and accurate.  (The video below shows the tool in action) We can't imagine how you can get anything other than dead perfect results. Precision milled from aluminum, this tool is sure to be one of your most cherished shop aids.

Whether you own a table saw, chop saw, radial arm saw, the Jointmaker Pro, router table or any other tool that makes a clean kerf, you can use the KM-1 to expand that kerf to suit your needs. It is an amazing little tool that has earned our coveted "Bacon Saver" status. This means you will get gallery quality results every time you use the KM-1 Kerf Maker. The KM-1 is perfect for; Frame work, box makers, shoji screens, torsion boxes, carcase work, drawer making and the list goes on. It is a tool that once used, you will never want to lose.

The concept is simple-the KM-1 is first "calibrated" to the particular cutting tool's exact kerf. (See video demonstration). This is a one-time step. You then simply gauge the thickness of your stock with the KM-1, lock and you now can use the KM-1 as a flip stop to create a groove the exact width of your stock! It is fast, and potently accurate. One KM-1 will work for every tool you own. (If your router table fence floats, you will need two KM-1's to accurately size grooves).  The KM-1 is so handy you may want to consider a dedicated unit for each of your cutting tools.

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Bridge City Kerfmaker

  • Brand: HARVEY
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